That Shipping Tax line reflects any tax you charged on the freight for shipping out an item. In our End of Day reports it’s called an eFollet Tax because it was associated with online orders back in the days when eFollett was the only viable eCommerce solution we had. I can check to see when the official change for that line is slated to be programmed in, if you like.


If you’re curious about how this is posting to Quickbooks, just go to the Maintenance menu in Booklog and click Departments. Then scroll down to the Shipping Tax department (or any other department you might want to understand with relation to Quickbooks) and double-click on it.

Take a look at the Quickbooks section of the Department properties and you’ll see how that department ties back to Quickbooks:

I hope this helps! If you would like to change the mapping, please let our tech support department know and they will be happy to go through that re-mapping process with you. Thanks!