Why use Booklog's Style Attribute?   --Because it allows you to create item-sets from items other than Shirts, Pants, and Water Bottles.  You can create a drop-down list of just about anything:   Ticket Dates, Graduation Frames, Fraternity Gear, etc...   This tutorial uses Event Tickets, where the Dates are entered into the Attribute Field in Booklog, and they show up on the website like this:

  • First, create the items in Booklog and set them up as a Master/Sub-SKU set
  • On the website, click the Master SKU Item's Timber Tab
  • Scroll down to the bottom, expand "Enable and Rename Attributes", then Ctrl+Click on Style:

  • Save the Product
  • Click the Timber Tab again, and click the "Reload from Booklog" button at the top:
  • Give the site a few minutes to reload the product.  When this message disappears from the top of the Timber tab...
  • ...you can scroll back down to the bottom and rename the "Style" attribute name to something that makes more sense for your product, like "Date":
  • Finally, click the "Reload from Booklog" button one more time: