The customer information in your order will be matched to existing customers in Booklog. There is a hierarchy of fields that Booklog uses to match the mail order customer to a customer in Booklog:

  • If the student ID field is filled in on the order, the system will look for a match on both student ID and last name. This is a safety precaution, to ensure that a customer doesn't mistype their student ID.
  • If the student ID is not found, the system will look for a match to the email address. If it finds more than one record with the same email address, it will use the oldest record.
  • If it can't find a match on either student ID or email, Booklog will make a new customer record.
  • Why doesn't the system simply use first and last name to make a match? Because many stores have multiple customers with the same name

New information is not added if a match is found – it won’t over-ride or replace existing information or add new information. 


Thanks to Dana at Booklog for contributing this.