We are constantly looking for ways to help our Timber bookstore customers sell more inventory and reach more customers. Have you considered giving your site sales a lift with an integration with Ingram?

We can set your site up, so that any searches will pull results from (not only your inventory) but Ingram's inventory as well (they have millions and millions of titles).

The Ingram search-results will appear next to your store's search results, and can be added-to-cart, and ordered just like your products.  Once the orders come into Booklog, you can choose to drop-ship them from Ingram (so you do not need to stock them in order to ship them out.) You can also add an upcharge to Ingram products and receive a small kick-back for Ingram inventory that you sell.

There is no cost for this upgrade -- and it's an optional feature. If you would like it added to your site --please let us know?