Web orders can be in a number of 'Statuses' that represent where they are in the order workflow.

Any of these order statuses can be manually set by a store manager, though that is rarely required.
Actually, we now discourage changing the order state manually, as this should be an automatic process.

In checkout:
* The customer navigated to the 'checkout' page, but no further.

* The customer canceled the order before it reached Booklog

* Usually for when an order is waiting for the payment gateway to confirm an authorization or payment.
* Orders should only momentarily be in this state, and if stuck here, there may be an issue.

Payment Received:
* Orders that are paid immediately (no preauth) get this state and won't move out of it until processed in Booklog.

* Order has been sent to Booklog for processing (without an immediate payment capture).

Booklog Closed:
* Order was closed/finalized in Booklog without being fully paid.
* Partial shipments will also be in this state until completed.

* Order was completely paid and shipped in Booklog.
* Order may have been manually placed in this state by a store manager. (manual completion should no longer be necessary)

Booklog Deleted:
* Order was deleted in Booklog

If the order state on the website seems incorrect (inconsistent with the Booklog state), click the green leaf button to re-sync the order from Booklog.
If the state does not change, there may be an issue.  Either manually change the state or report the issue to us.