There are 2 ways for anonymous users to create a user account:

  1. Buying something
  2. Clicking the "Create New Account" tab.

If they choose #1, their account is created automatically when they check out.

If they choose #2, you will receive an alert, but they will remain blocked until you unblock them.  (This is to keep spammers from creating THOUSANDS of junk accounts, as they try to hack the site.)

Regardless of how their accounts are created -- they will not have any administrative privileges unless you assign them a role (which can be done using the Administer >> User Management >> Users) page .

To Unblock an Account:

Only the accounts created by customers using the "Create New Account" page will need to be approved.  (These represent a very small percent of your customers.)  The rest of the accounts will be created/approved automatically when customers checkout.

To unblock an account, go to:  Administrator >> User Management >> Users.  Locate the blocked account and click the Edit tab next to it.  Then click the "Active" radio button, and click Save.