For an item to be exported to the Website, it must have the following three criteria:

  • Both the price and quantity-on-hand > 0
  • At least one Booklog category assigned to it
  • On the Miscellaneous Tab, the Export to Web should be set to Yes

Also, if an item has a Master SKU assigned to it, it is considered a Sub-SKU item and it will not show up on the website as a product; instead, it will appear as a selectable-attribute on its Master SKU item.  Here is an example:  (the Sub-SKU item options are listed in the Affiliation drop-down on the right).

An item can be changed from a Sub-SKU to a "normal" product, by clicking on its Sub-SKUs tab, and changing its "Master SKU" field, to match its actual SKU.

Sub-SKU items are created one of two ways:
•    Duplicating any item, to create a new item  (the new item because a Sub-SKU of the item it was duplicated from)
•    Clicking an item's "Miscellaneous" tab, clicking "View Sub-SKUs" and clicking the (newly appeared) Sub-SKUs tab