These instructions are for users that have sites which capture funds immediately on checkout.

In Booklog

  1. Mail Order Pick List >Refund>enter Order #
  2. Zero out the shipping on each line item (you cannot delete the item)
  3. Insert an additional line.  On this line enter something like Shipping and Handling, or None as a department charge.  Set shipping for that line as 1 but no cost.  Booklog says that there must be something to “ship” in order for it to work.
  4. Next click on the truck icon and enter the shipping cost to be refunded as a negative dollar amount.
  5. Finally, click on Process and complete the transaction as normal using the encrypted card number from the order.

Or, in Payware/POINT -- virtual terminal

  1. Login to PayWare and locate the Transaction ID by going to Reports >> Transaction Search   (and Filter by Date) .
  2. Copy the Transaction ID and go to Transaction Processing >> Web Terminal
  3. Choose the "Credit" radio button
  4.  After the page refreshes, paste the ID in the proper field, and click Search
  5. Key in the appropriate credit in the "Trans Amount" field, and submit the transaction