Can I release a pre-authorization with PayWare?

***EDIT***   There is now a way to do this:   (from Booklog Tech)

If you are looking to clear out the pre-auth or release the funds stuck in Payware -  the best way to do that is to Log into your payware console:

1.)    Go to Transaction Processing and choose Web Terminal.
2.)    Choose Completion from the radio buttons across the top.
3.)    A screen of all of your pre-auths will open.
4.)    Enter the transaction id of the one that you want to void.
5.)    Enter a trans amount of 0.00.
6.)    Press enter on your keyboard.
7.)    The transaction will come up as completed/voided


The PayWare Developer Documentation actually states that there is no way to void a Pre-Auth using their API (from a Website).

However, after a little digging around, we found that from your Virtual Terminal, you can locate a Pre-Auth transaction and void it.  (We believe this will release the hold, but are not positive.)  You can find it here in your PayWare virtual terminal:  Transaction Processing >> Void Reprint Search

If you are able to succesfully employ this method, please reply, and let us know.

Wouldn't closing the order also release the preauthorization? From my experience if we close the mail order in booklog either completing the order or canceling all items on the order will release the preauthorization.