The inventory calculations are complicated.   =]  But, we have a lot of flexibility.

It’s a two-step process.  First we decide what should always be in-stock:

Then we delete based on the following rules:

We can update the rule-sets based on your needs.



On using the product image switcharoo the first time:


We have upgraded your site to an “interim state” where the feature will work for you as an admin, but not interrupt the browsing experience of your customers.  Here are some instructions on how to get started:


  • The first image is the 'default', which is shown initially.
  • When a color is selected, images matching that color will be shown.
  • If no images match the color, only the default image appears.


Once you have added all of the images that you are ready to add, I will uncheck the box that hides the feature for your visitors.