One of the big first steps in getting your Timber site up and running, is installing the DataVault so that we can begin to pull inventory updates to your new site. 

We designed the DV to be an appliance that runs in the background of your BL Server.  It starts when the machine starts, and has little to no effect on machine performance. 

The DV software is a Linux app that runs inside of Virtual Box (VB is open-source software that allows you to run a virtual Linux machine on Windows).

Here is a how-to guide to help you do this.  You do not need any specialized IT training to install the DV – you only need the ability to install a new program on your Windows Booklog Server.

To start, download the Oracle VirtualBox software onto your Booklog server (the version for Windows hosts)


Once downloaded, run the installer, accepting all the default options.

Now download your OVA to your desktop (we will provide you a link at the time of install).
When the download finishes, double-click on the .ova file to import the virtual machine.

Once the virtual machine is imported, right-click on it in the "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager", and select "Create Shortcut on Desktop".

We'll need to copy this shortcut into the Startup folder.
Click on the start menu, and click on "All Programs".  Look for the "Startup" folder (you may have to use the scrollbar to find it).
Right-click on "Startup" and select "Open" 


Now, drag your Virtual Machine Shortcut from the desktop into the Startup folder.

Go back to the "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager" window.  Right click on the virtual machine and click 'Start'.
It should come up in a window like this:

In a minute or so, it will finish booting and display a screen similar to this.  THAT'S IT!
You can now minimize this window, but please don't close it.


You can safely close the other "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager" window.
You may also delete the large .ova file from your Desktop - it is no longer needed.

We may periodically contact you if the virtual machine stops running or stops communicating with the Timber server.

Again, let us know if you have any questions.