Timber is designed as a single-location solution, where the inventory from one BL database is synchronized with one Website.  Though we have a few strategies that allow us to address the needs of multiple stores…we do not have a perfect “seamless” solution.


  • We can enable a selector on the checkout page, that allows students to specify their campus.  This can guide you as far as pulling/transferring inventory from the correct warehouse. 
  • We can set up multiple “in-store pickup” options – one for each location.
  • We can set up one Website for each store (some additional costs will apply for this option) – and a landing page where students choose “their” campus.  Once all of your stores’ inventories are in the Timber database, students can browse the combined inventory from any of your sites. However once they add an item to their cart, they need to checkout on the site where they located the item.  Here is an example of this option.