To create a sellable Gift Card product, try the following:

  1. Set up the GC as a purchasable product in BL, mark it as “Core” inventory (a checkbox on the “Miscellaneous” tab), mark it as "Gift Card" (another checkbox in the "Miscellaneous" tab).
  2. Make the first GC its own Master SKU. (Click the "View Sub SKUs checkbox, then visit the Sub SKUs tab).
  3. Use the BL Price attribute, to set up custom options for your GC denominations ($25, $50, $75, etc…), and assign the corresponding value to each GC.
  4. Use the "Duplicate" button to create as many additional  GC products in BL as needed, and assign each of them their corresponding price option.
    1. Using the Duplicate button will designate the first GC that you create as the Master SKU item, and subsequent duplicates as Sub SKUs.  But if you already have other GC products not created via the Duplicate button, please visit each GC's Master SKU tab and verify that they all share the same Master SKU. 
  5. When finished, contact us so that we can enable the Price attribute on your Website. It will end up looking like this:


If this is the first item you are selling an item with different price attributes on your website, there is an additional step. On the Timber tab of the new master sku item, you will find an "Attribute Management" tab. Price Attributes need to be checked off and a name needs to be given to the Price Attribute. We typically use "amount". This will appear for customers above the list of price options. 


Processing Gift Card Orders in MailOrder:

Ecommerce orders require three steps:

Create an inventory item that is a gift card placeholder to be sold online.

  1.     Load an order containing a gift card from the ecommerce site into the Mail Order window.
  2.     Replace the gift card placeholder with an actual gift card once the online sales have been imported.

To swap a gift card placeholder for a real gift card:

  1. Highlight the placeholder line.
  2. Click on the Sell Gift Cert/Card icon.
  3. The Create Gift Card window will open, with the amount of the card already entered.
  4. Enter any additional information, such as card number and customer name.
  5. Click OK. The gift card placeholder will be replaced with a real gift card.

To sell a gift card manually:

  1. Open a Mail Order and click on a new line.
  2. Click on the Sell Gift Cert/Card icon.
  3. The Create Gift Card window will open.
  4. Enter the gift card information, including gift card number, customer name, and gift card amount.
  5. Click OK. The gift card will be added to the line.